Fix Canon Printer Error B200


The time has now changed, and users love to move with HD color and black & white printers for printing purposes like Canon Pixma, Canon Maxify, Canon MX490 printers, etc.  Canon printers differ in model, type, size, printing volume, etc. but provide multiple attractive features for completing all your printing needs. But, it seems frustrating to print something crucial, and an error notification pops up. One of the most destructive Canon printer errors is B200 error that can demonstrate a potentially catastrophic problem with the device. Never try to get rid of this error instantly. Try some detailed procedures below to troubleshoot the Canon printer B200 error. To resolve it quickly, you must dial the Canon printer helpline number to get appropriate tips. Try to troubleshoot the error before you purchase a new printer. If you can’t remove Canon printer error B200, you must take expert guidance by calling the Canon customer service number to get accurate tips.

Factors Behind Canon b200 Error

If you understand the B200 error in Canon printer, just know that a faulty print head causes it. A print head splits the ink from the ink cartridges onto the paper, which means that it’s the most significant purpose of the entire printer. Print heads require to be problematic, especially on cost-effective Canon printers.

Steps to Resolve the Canon B200 Printer Error

Many points are given below to troubleshoot a faulty print head and remove the B200 error. Try a few accurate suggestions listed below before you replace the complete device.

  1. Reconfigure the Canon printer – Disconnect it and keep it unplugged for at least thirty minutes. The best and lengthy configuration lets the printer cool down and recover everything to its appropriate position before switching on the device
  2. Rub the Print Head – Utilize the device’s maintenance options to activate its cleaning cycle. It is especially significant if the printer head is clogged.
  3. Clean the Print Head Manually – Either use alcohol or non-oil-based cleaner on the print head’s golden touch place. Utilize a microfiber cloth to clean the cleaner onto the contacts. Then, dry it completely before recoupling.
  4. Delete Old Ink – The dry and sticky ink was trapped inside the print head. Activate it under hot tap water until the water exits clean. Dry it with a paper towel, then re-input the head into the printer.
  5. Reconfigure the printer drivers – Get your page on the official website of and go through the directions for upgrading the drivers
  6. Try a new ink cartridge – Faulty cartridges can rarely hit the B200 error, but they can occur. Move to the user manual for this procedure regarding your specific device.

Methods to Troubleshoot Canon Printer B200 Error On Two-Ink Cartridges Canon Printers

Canon printers utilizing two cartridges are Canon Pixma MP250, Pixma MP480, and Canon Pixma MX410. These canon printers use tri-color and black cartridges like CLI-246 ink, PG-210, CL-211 ink, PG-245, PG-240, or CL-241 ink. Move through some below steps to rectify the Canon B200 printer error from your device.

  • Switch off your Canon printer and wait for the carriage to move towards the side. If the carriage is held up, access its Lid and manually push the carriage towards either side. Tap the Power button to switch on your printer.
  • Take out each ink cartridge from its slot and inspect its nozzles. Rub hardened or dried ink carefully with a lint-free, clean and damped cloth with warm water. Re-insert the ink cartridges back into their respective slots after cleaning.
  • Identify which ink cartridge is faulty and causing the error. Keep it in your mind before moving ahead.
  • Insert a new or old ink cartridge still working together with a recent ink cartridge, black or tri-color. If Canon B200 error exists there, try to change every ink cartridge to determine which one is defective. Replace the damaged ink cartridge with a new ink cartridge.

If none of the above troubleshooting steps work, you must call the Canon helpline number to get some accurate tips to remove the Canon B200 error immediately. The Canon technical team is fully-trained, professional, and capable of providing you with excellent suggestions, and the canon care center is available 24/7 to troubleshoot this issue. Also, follow the steps given on the website to remove the Canon B200 error.