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Are you an existing user of canon Printers and are frustrated from seeing the Canon Printer Error 5B02 while using your canon printer? Then this article is going to be very crucial for you. Read this complete article till the end to get all the information about what exactly is Error 5B02 and how to get it solved.

“Canon” word is now recognized and prestige as the world’s leading brand in printers and cameras, and from a small kid to an old man in the world has somehow already used the Canon products in their daily life due to its low printing cost and best user experience.

As the canon printers are very popular nowadays, users often report some major and minor errors like canon printer error 5B02 and today, we are going to discuss this error and the ways to get the error resolved.

Canon Printer Error 5B02

Canon Printer Error 5B02 usually occurs when the waste ink absorber gets filled. Once the absorber will get filled, then it will show the Error 5B02 on its display screen available on the top side of the printer. Also, due to internal glitches or if the printer is not able to detect the absorber level, then this error can occur. Now, let’s discuss all the reasons due to which the Error 5B02 can be caused.

Reasons for the Canon Printer Error 5B02

Facing technical errors like 5B02 while taking the printouts of important documents during your work time can be very frustrated and time-consuming at the same time. The reasons due to which the Error 5B02 can occur are as follows:

  • When the waste ink absorber is filled
  • Internal mechanism issues in the printer
  • Using faulty or duplicate ink cartridges
  • Excessive usage of the device

How to Fix the 5B02 Canon Printer Error

After discussing all the necessary information about the Canon printer and the Error 5B02 and why this error occurs. Now, let’s discuss the methods or the solutions that you can follow to troubleshoot the Error code 5B02 in your canon printer.

Method 1: Resetting Canon Printer

Method 2: Using utilize servicing tool


Solution 1: Resetting Canon Printer

Step 1. Turn off the printer and take out the power cable from the main socket.

Step 2. Then remove all the attached wires from the printer.

Step 3. Now, press and hold the Start button available on the printer’s front side.

Step 4. After that, plug all the wires back again into the printer and connect the main power plug to the socket.

Step 5. Press and hold the start button and in the meantime twice press the resume button.

Step 6. Now, attempt the first and second steps again.

Step 7. Again, press and hold the resume button.

After completing this, check if the Canon Printer Error 5B02 is solved or not.

Solution 2: Using utilize servicing tool

Step 1. At first, ensure that your printer has enough A4-sized papers in the feeder tray.

Step 2. After that, select the region of your locality by expanding the drop-down list.

Step 3. Then go to the Clear Ink Counter > Dropdown Menu > Main Black > Set > Ink Absorber Counter > Drop Down List > Absorber.

Step 4. Search here for the “Main Black” and click on that, after that choose the “Set” option. This step will enable the printer to print multiple pages one by one.

Step 5. At last, go to EPROM > Service Tool > Auto > Test Print.

Once you have taken the test print, then reset your canon printer and then wait for some seconds before connecting it to the main socket.


In this post, we shared what is Canon Printer Error 5B02 and how it occurs. Depending on the condition, we also enlisted the best solutions that can help you to resolve all your concerns and queries in real time. So, you need to first identify the cause of Canon Printer Error 5B02 and according to that, make use of the right solution to resolve your concerns and query. Unfortunately, even after trying out the different solutions, you failed to resolve the issue then you are advised to get in touch with our dedicated customer assistance team. They are available round the clock to resolve all your concern and query in real time or visit official website ij start canon.