Canon Printer error codes


In this blog, we have revealed all the common errors that canon printer users are facing frequently. So, if you are also facing problems while using the canon printers, then this blog is going to be very crucial for you. So, stay tuned and read this blog till the last word.

Canon Printer
The main problem which the Canon printer users are facing is that shows various common errors to their users. As we all know, facing errors or problems is never pleasant, but although, sometimes it can turn out to be a headache when you don’t know about the solution. So, you must know the errors and the solution, that you can follow to make your canon printer work smoothly again. Let’s discuss the Canon printer errors in full depth. 

Canon Printer Errors
Canon printer shows errors in two different sequences or combinations which are as follows: 
• Combination of numbers and letters
• Number sequences

Whenever the printer faces a technical error, then it automatically displays the error number in the display box. It directly helps the users to identify the problem which the printer is facing and follow the solution method that can help to get rid of the problem. So, let’s have a look at the most frequent canon printer error codes.

Canon Printer Error Codes

Below, we have mentioned, the common and the most frequent Canon printer error codes. 
Error Codes in a Combination of number and letters

1. Error E02:
Canon printer error E02 usually occurs when the printhead of the printer gets overheated due to excessive load or when the printer sheets are not placed properly in the feeder tray.

Solution: This error can be solved by waiting for a few minutes so that the printer’s head can cool down automatically or by placing the printer sheet in its original slot.

2. Error E03 or 1300 or 1251:
This error raises when there is a stuck paper inside the printer or when the printer is not able to drain the water away. 

Solution: Remove the jammed paper from the printer, or remove the blockages from the drain pump. 

3. Error E04:
Canon printer error E04 indicates that the ink cartridges are not installed properly.

Solution: First turn off your printer and then take out the ink cartridges by retracting the paper feeder tray and then put it back by pushing it to its right location. Now, turn on the printer and take a sample printout to cross-check that the error is resolved. 

4. Error E08: 
The printer displays the error code E08 when the ink absorber of the printer is full.
Solution: This error can be solved easily by replacing the ink absorber. 

5. Error E13 or E16:
When the printer’s ink cartridges are empty, then this error will occur. Facing this error is the most common, as it is directly related to the ink level, and the more pages you print, the more frequently you are going to face this error.

Solution: Just replace the empty ink cartridges with a new and original ink cartridge. 

Error Codes in Number Sequences
1. Error 5011: 

Canon printer error 5011 usually appears when the ink cartridge holder is stucked.
Solution: This error will usually be resolved after performing a power cycle or by removing or re-inserting the ink cartridges. 

2. Error 5100 / 5200 / 5400 / 5700 / 6000:
This error occurs when the user has not properly removed the packaging or protection materials from the printer. These materials are generally provided to protect the printer from damages during transportation. 
Solution: This error can be easily resolved by properly checking and removing the stuck packaging or various tapes or foams from the printer. 

3. Error 306: 
Canon printer error 306 also relates to the Communication error. There might be improper or irregular network connections between the PC and the printer. This error commonly occurs in MAC. 
Solution: To solve this error, just go to the MAC settings and then printers and devices. Here, first, remove the wireless connection of the printer and then connect it again.

4. Error 1682: 
This error usually occurs when the printer fails to recognize the presence of ink cartridges or you have not properly removed the protective tapes or clips.
Solution: Take out the ink cartridges and if found, then remove all tapes or clips stuck to the ink cartridges and then put them back in the original slot.

Universal Solution to Solve Most of the Errors
If you are facing an error most frequently, and you have tried all the solutions, then sometimes performing some normal or simple steps can directly lead to the solution of the error. Have you tried restarting your phone when it hangs or doesn’t work properly? Yes, the same applies well in the case of printers as well. So, here are the steps to perform the deep reset of your Canon printer. 
• To perform the deep reset, first press and hold the stop or reset button on your canon printer.
• Properly reinstall the printer’s driver through the official website of canon i.e. ij start cannon.
• Press the print button to take a color printout and keep this button pressed for 5 seconds.
• Then first release the color button and then the reset button.
• Now, the printer will start performing the reboot automatically.
• If the printer’s display shows that the device needs to be calibrated, then press OK and let the printer perform its task.
• Then connect the USB cables back to the printer and perform the sample printout

We hope this blog will find you well. In this blog, we have tried our best to provide you with all the information about the most common ij start canon printer errors. In case, if you like the content, then do share it will your friends or family members who are also using the canon printer. So that, in the future, if they face any error, then they will be aware of what to do and how to perform the solution task.