How to Resolve Canon Printer Error 5100?

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Hey, are you also facing errors while using your canon printer? Then this article is going to be very important for you. Solving the canon printer error 5100 is not much difficult. In this article, we are going to give you all the necessary information and the steps or procedures which you can follow to solve the Canon printer Error 5100.

So, let’s start with canon printer error 5100

Canon printer is used for printing the hard copy of various documents and pictures, with the ease of sitting at home with the help of WIFI or wired network. Canon printer is an electronic output device and sometimes due to technical issues, it can show some errors to their users. For more details, you can visit this page to get all the information regarding Canon Printers.

Symptoms for Canon Printer Error 5100

If your printer is showing error 5100, then these are the symptoms that you will be able to see from your printer.

  1. Facing problems in printing documents or photos.
  2. Power lamp is flashing continuously.
  3. Alarm lamp on your printer will start flashing.
  4. Printer timing strip is not right.
  5. Ink cartridges automatically move from their right position.

Why Canon printer shows Error 5100?

A printer is an electronic output device and an electronic device just can’t show any error without any valid issue.

Reason Canon Printer Error 5100

First, let us show you what are the causes for the Canon Printer Error 5100.

  1. When the inner and outer parts of the cleaner are not cleaned properly. Dirt and debris can show the Error 5100 code.
  2. When the ink cartridge in your Canon printer is not genuine or has not been installed properly.
  3. The print head of the printer is not cleaned.
  4. Paper used for the printing is not of the correct dimensions and thickness.
  5. If a piece of paper has been stuck in the printer, then it can also show Error 5100.
  6. When the printer driver is corrupt, then the device can also show you the error 5100.

How to Resolve Canon Printer Error 5100

If previously your printer was running very well and suddenly, you are facing the Error 5100, then there are 100% chances, that this error can be solved easily. To solve this error, you can follow, the below-mentioned steps.

Check for Stuck Paper inside the Printer:

If you were printing something and suddenly you see Canon Printer Error 5100, there are some possible changes that a paper is already stuck in the printer and for that, the printer is not accepting the new paper for printing the document. First, check the paper sheets in the sheet feeder tray. If you see any paper stuck there, then follow these steps.

  1. Open the printer output cover and ensure to remove all the papers from inside.
  2. Now, open the printer back panel and check if there is any paper stuck there or not.
  3. Now, put the paper sheets back in the feeder tray.
  4. At last, turn on the printer, if there will be any paper stuck inside, it will come out automatically.

Resetting the Ink Cartridge of Canon Printer

If the ink cartridge of the canon printer is not located in the proper position, then the printer can show Error 5100. For resetting the position of the ink cartridge, follow these steps.

1. Turn off your canon printer.

2. Remove all the USB cables attached to your printer.

3. Now, open the cartridge door of your printer and check its position. If the cartridge is not in its position, put it in the right slot.

 4. After that, attach all the USB cables and turn on the printer.

Reset your Canon Printer

Resetting your canon printer is the easiest way to solve the Canon Printer Error 5100. You can follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Turn off the Canon printer.

2. Now, remove the power cable of the printer.

3. Afterwards, wait for a few seconds and then attach the power cable back to your Canon printer.

4. Now, turn on your device and hold the resume button for movement till the light of your canon printer starts.

Your canon printer has been successfully reset. Now, Error 5100 will not come again while printing the documents.

Removing dust from the inside of Canon Printer

There can be some chances, that there will be dust inside the system of the canon printer. If you want your printer to work smoothly for a long time in the future. Always try to deep clean the dust from the inside of the printer. Before performing this task, remember to touch the system with a gentle approach. Or else, a small pleasure while cleaning the system can damage the part of the printer.

1. Turn off the printer.

2. Now, get a lint-free cloth for cleaning purposes.

3. First, clean the printer from the outside surface.

4. Afterwards, put some little amount of rubbing alcohol on the lint-free cloth and clean the inside surface with gentle hands.

5. Do ensure that no software will be moved forcefully.

6. After cleaning the printer, plug it on and take a printout.

The error 5100 will not be shown further.


The Canon Printer Error 5100 can be shown due to many multiple reasons. In this article, we have listed the reasons, systems, and processes of resolving Error 5100.

Hopefully, this article will help you to troubleshoot Canon Printer Error 5100. All the solutions are explained deeply. If you have any specific queries regarding the Canon Printer Error 5100, you can connect with official site at