How to Fix an Error 3 on a Canon Pixma MP160?

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Canon printers are known to bestow incredible features to the users and Canon Pixma MP160 is a multifunctional inkjet printer in the list, which is manufactured by Canon. It yields high-quality print outputs and lets users scan, copy, and fax their documents. However, when using the Canon Pixma MP160, you can see an error 3 on your screen displayed as “E3” or “Error 3”. This error depicts a malfunction in your Canon printer. Worry not! You can resolve this problem using a few simple steps. Alternatively, you can also reach out to professionals to get the error resolved. However, you can try the solutions described in this post before raising this error code to an expert. 

About Canon Pixma MP160

Canon Pixma MP160 is one of the finest multifunction printers from the Pixma series that can make your day-to-day printing and scanning tasks more efficient. The design of the printer is sleek, compact, and stylish. Besides, it enables you to perform several tasks, such as print, scan, copy and fax.

What Does Canon Printer Error E3 Mean? 

Before proceeding any further towards the error resolution, it is important to know about the error code E3 in Canon Pixma MP160. There are certain carriage routes that don’t run in the printer for certain print jobs and give rise to Cartridge jam errors. Error code E3 is also a similar error that can take place due to this reason. The error is closely related to the paper jam. To resolve this error, you need to perform some basic troubleshooting, which we will discuss in the next section of this post. 

How To Troubleshoot the Canon Pixma Error E3? 

Now that you are aware of the error, you need to perform the below-given solution to get rid of it: 

    • First thing first, make sure that the Canon Pixma printer is turned on by pressing the “On/Off” button. 
    • When turned on, it will prompt you for the error code E3. 
    • Moving ahead, press and hold the “On/Off” button for one second and it will go blank and start resetting the malfunction. 
    • Wait for up to 15 seconds and again press the “On/Off” button to restore the power. 
    • Now allow the unit to complete its cycling process and it will eliminate the error. 

Solution 2: Utilize Restoro PC Repair Tool 

Sometimes the error can be caused due to your Windows PC issues. In such a case, running the Restoro PC Repair tool can help. It not only repairs the common computer errors but also protects you from your crucial file loss. Furthermore, it also covers the malware infection, and hardware failure and optimizes your computer for optimum performance. Follow the below-given steps: 

    • First of all, you need to download Restore PC Repair Tool on your device through ij start canon or
    • Once done, click on the Start Scan button and it will determine the possible issues related to your PC. 
    • Once identified, click on Repair All button and it will resolve the problems that can be a potential reason behind the Canon Pixma MP160 E3 error

Solution 3: Reinstall the Drivers

If the error continues to trouble you, reinstalling the driver can help in the error resolution. To do it: 

    • Turn your printer off and remove the power plug from a power source. 
    • Next, you need to press Windows + E buttons simultaneously and it will open the Power User menu. 
    • Here, you need to select the Device Manager from the list. 
    • Moving ahead, locate your printer driver, right-click on it and then choose Uninstall. 
    • Now check the Delete the driver software for this device and click Uninstall.

Manually searching for drivers can be time-consuming and even dangerous if you do it on a shady website. That's why using third-party solutions to automatically download missing drivers is so much easier, safer, and faster. You can launch the tool on your PC once it has been downloaded and installed. It will immediately begin scanning your PC for any driver issues and will provide the best solutions.

All you must do now is choose which driver to install from the list after it has finished scanning. Of course, clicking the Select All button at the top and installing all the drivers at once is a much easier alternative.

Solution 4: Clear the Jammed Paper 

As we have discussed earlier that the error can take place due to a jammed FINE cartridge holder. It can cause an unclear printed document. To resolve this issue, you need to clear the jammed paper. Below are the steps: 

    • In the first place, you need to have a grip on the hammed paper so that you can hand help high above it. 
    • You need to pull it out gently by cutting and tearing it.
    • Until everything goes well, try to remove as many stuck papers as possible.

Now check if the error is resolved. If not, you need to try the next solution. 

Solution 5: Resolve the Connection Issue on Your Printer 

If the error is caused due to a weak or unstable Internet connection, you need to resolve your printer, not the connection problem. Router or password issues can also bring forth errors when printing your document with Canon Pixma. In such a case, you need to follow the below-given steps: 

    • Unplug your power router and then plug it back after 15 seconds. 
    • Once the activation of the printing mode is done, plug the printer in once more and turn the power on after its initialization. 

These steps will help you in establishing a connection with your wireless router. 

Final Words! 

Error code E3 in Canon Pixma is an annoying issue that can prevent you from proceeding further with a print or scan job. To resolve this error, you can perform the solutions discussed in this post. If the error continues even after performing these steps, you can reach out to an expert for professional maintenance. Alternatively, you can also make a visit to the Canon support page and choose a suitable category for the error. Also, you can utilize the search box located on the page and enter your search queries to get the most relevant solutions to your problem.