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Canon Printer has several hardware components that work together to give you a smooth and efficient printing experience. However, if there is a technical error with one printer component, it can prevent you from completing your printing tasks. Error Code B200 is a common technical error that is connected to the printhead. The printhead on your Canon Printer is designed to transfer the ink to the paper and ensures precision while printing. This blog will give some helpful tips on how to fix Canon Printer Error B200 and resolve the printhead issue. If you find that the error keeps appearing, you should consider contacting Canon customer support to implement a more advanced troubleshooting solution to fix the error.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error B200

The troubleshooting steps to resolve Error Code B200 often vary depending on your printer model. Depending on the number of cartridges you have in your printer, you can follow either of the solutions mentioned below:

Fix Canon Printers with 4 (or more) cartridges

  1. First, remove the cover of your Canon printer and take out the cartridges
  2. Then lift the lever next to the cartridge cradles and remove the printhead
  3. You need to reinsert the printhead and lock the lever in place
  4. Make sure to reinsert the printer cartridges and close the cover gently
  5. Don’t forget to disconnect the power cable from your printer
  6. Now, let the printer cool down for about 5 minutes and then reconnect it
  7. Complete a nozzle check of your Canon Printer and check to see if Error Code B200 is resolved

Fix Canon Printers with two cartridges

  1. You need to switch your printer off and then switch it on again
  2. Then remove the cartridge and check for any external damage
  3. Now you have to replace the damaged cartridges with a new one
  4. Clean the printhead and then allow it to dry for a few minutes
  5. Once it is dry, you need to reinsert the printhead into your Canon Printer
  6. Try resetting your printhead and restart your Canon printer
  7. Make sure to check the printer components for any obstructions
  8. Check and clean the nozzle on your Canon Printer

If you find that Error Code B200 still appears even after you follow the steps given above, or if you have encountered an error while implementing the measures, you can call the Canon customer support number and ask for additional assistance. Trained printer technicians and software experts are available 24 hours a day. The professionals will give you detailed solutions for any technical error you may encounter while using your Canon Printer.