Why is my Canon Printer printing blank pages?

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If you use your Canon Printer for business or company work, then printing errors can be quite frustrating since they can affect your productivity. One of the most common printing errors is the Canon Printer printing blank pages issue. You can think how exasperating it must be when you have to print out an essential report for your boss, and all you get from your Canon Printer is blank sheets of white paper. If you ever witness this situation, then you can read through the suggestions mentioned in this blog to resolve the blank pages error on your Canon Printer. You can also call the Canon Printer customer care number and speak to a certified printer expert or visit canon official link ij.start.canon. If you need additional clarification about any of the causes or steps given below.

Reasons behind Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

To fix the blank pages issue on your Canon Printer, the first thing you need to do is identify the error caused. Here's a brief look at the reasons why your Canon printer suddenly prints blank pages:

  • Breather Tape Issue: You must make sure you take out the breather tape before installing the Canon ink cartridge in your printer. If the tape is not removed, the ink stays sealed in the cartridge and does not come out.
  • Ink Cartridges Run Dry: Due to overuse, it is possible that air has entered the print nozzle and blocked the nozzle causing the ink to dry up. This is why you get blank pages whenever you print a document on your Canon Printer. 
  • Low-quality ink cartridges: The ink's consistency and viscosity in cartridges is an essential factor while printing. If you use low-quality cartridges, the ink may condense or dry too quickly and cause your Canon Printer errors.


Solutions to fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

  • Print regularly: The more often you use your printer, the less likely it is for the print nozzles to get blocked. When you take more printouts, the ink flows smoothly through the printhead.
  • Use Canon ink cartridges: Make sure you use high-quality Canon ink cartridges while printing so that you have the right ink viscosity and consistency to prevent blockages in the print nozzles.
  • Keep your Printer cool: Do not keep your Canon Printer near the window or under direct sunlight. When your Canon Printer is idle, the heat will cause the ink to thicken inside the printhead.
  • Automated Tools: Your Canon Printer will have an automated tool to clean the printhead if it gets clogged. You can go to the 'Tools' section on the control panel and press 'Clean Printhead.'

Suppose you tried all the steps mentioned above, but still, the Canon Printer keeps printing blank pages. In that case, you can call the Canon Printer customer care number and consult a professional printer technician to learn more about some advanced troubleshooting steps used to fix the problem.