Troubleshoot Canon Printer MX922 Printhead Error

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Canon printers are the most impressive and disturbing printer products accessible in the market recently. Compared to other technical devices, Canon has gone through mechanical troubles while functioning a printer. Recently, the most primary error troubling the users is the print head error. This error is considered as Canon error code 1403. This issue is observed on your screen while attempting to print a document. This text may also show because of the inappropriate installation of the printer. A few methods are mentioned in this write-up to get rid of the print head error. In case of any problem, call the Canon customer support number to get an in-depth idea of your Canon printer. Canon printer MX922 print head error is a technical failure you encounter daily. This issue doesn’t print a page and happens again if a solution is found. You get it significant and simple to understand solutions in this technical manual.
Primary Causes Behind Canon Printer MX922 Printhead Error

  1. The established Canon printer may not be appropriate for your Canon MX922 print head error. Your Canon printer doesn’t associate with the printhead once you print a page in this condition.
  2. Choked printhead nozzles
  3. This problem may happen if your Canon printer MX922 is not supplied by your cartridges
  4. Improper transfer of printer location while installing or injecting ink cartridges
  5. If a piece of paper remained in the printhead region, this problem can be observed
  6. Often defective printers can cause Canon printer MX922 print head error.

Methods to Troubleshoot Canon MX922 Print Head Error for Appropriate Approaches
Go through the given below strategies for resolving Canon MX922 head error.
Step – 1 Reconfigure Printer for Canon MX922

  1. Your printing equipment is the primary step. Tap the ON button now and click the pause button next to it
  2. After that, the Stop button must be released once, then five times tapped again
  3. Now the LCD panel of your printer and ON button are lit up
  4. After a few seconds, switch off your printer, then tap the Power button. Then, reconfigure the printer.
  5. Try to print a page now. If there is a Canon MX922 print head error, follow the new procedure.

Step – 2 Activate the Cleaning Procedure for Print Head
Clearing Situation

  1. Log in and load one or more pages at the printer’s panel on your Canon MX922 print head error
  2. Tap the menu button on the printer first screen. The output of printer is shining well
  3. Select the alternative setup and tap Ok. Get the maintenance alternative from the setup panel
  4. Multiple options lists are observed. Choose the deep cleaning option and choose Ok
  5. A pop-up box is observed to examine that the print head is rubbed and tap Yes
  6. The print head will be cleared up. Choose Yes after you have observed the Pattern Print Confirmation screen and tap Ok.
  7. The print head nozzle search pattern is available on a tab. Once your printer screen observes the completion code, tap Ok.
  8. Examine the pattern and print accuracy of the nozzle now. If the error is not resolved yet, move ahead to the next direction to correct the print head error of the Canon MX922.

Take out the Print Head and Clean It Manually

First of all, access the top cover of your MX922 printer. Access the scanner unit and the carriage will automatically adjust it at its place.
Now, take out the power from the rear side of your printer. Canon printer will be switched off instantly. After moving on, remove all ink cartridges from your printer.

  1. After that, take out the print head carefully from the printer to begin the cleaning procedure
  2. Now, put a cotton cloth in lukewarm water and gently wash all the ink patches existing on the printhead
  3. Apart from this, if any of the ink cartridges are empty, change it with a new one
  4. Once you see that the printhead is appropriately cleaned, leave it to dry for some moments. Then, establish the printhead into its assigned place again.
  5. Input all the ink cartridges, turn off the scanner unit and lastly shut down the top cover of the printer.
  6. Now, affix the power cable to the printer, switch it on and try to print a page. It may rectify the Canon MX922 printhead error. If not, move ahead with the next procedure.

Step – 3 Establish the Latest Driver Supporting Your Canon MX922 Printer
Printer Driver is a tool that sends printing requests to your printer. So, if the software gets damaged, then you will observe the Canon MX922 printhead error on your LCD screen. To troubleshoot the error, uninstall the printer driver from your Windows or Mac operating system and then re-establish it.

  1. Access a compatible browser and visit
  2. Insert Canon MX922 in the search bar, tap Go and choose the Drivers and Downloads button
  3. Choose the appropriate operating system and language. Press Select and after following it, press Download
  4. Affix your Canon MX922 printer to the system and accept the installation agreement by tapping Yes
  5. It will begin the printer driver installation. Once it is finished, print a page by using a newly-established printer driver.

After following the above troubleshooting methods, you can easily fix the Canon MX922 printhead error. If not, call the Canon helpline number to get some accurate tips. Also, visit for more details further.