Canon Printer Error Code E04


Canon printer is one of the high-class and premier printers used for digital printing at a large scale. Millions of users across the globe are using Canon printers for scanning and copying documents, files, images, etc. Canon printer error code E04, E05, E14, or E15 error comes when a Canon Pixma printer is facing a problem in identifying one or more cartridges. You get depressed when you receive an error “the fine cartridge can’t be recognized” after using refilled or remanufactured Canon ink cartridges that don’t carry Canon fine branding. It never means that you will be using Canon-branded ink cartridges and you won’t get an error related to the non-installation of fine branded ink cartridges. You definitely can get into this trouble anytime while using Canon Printer. A series of golden colour contacts are used by Canon printer at the front of ink cartridges as a point of contact with the cartridge. If Canon printer contacts get dirty or come under the effect of ink, dirt or natural oils from your hands causing this problem. Contacts can become damaged once the cartridge is being handled. In this write-up, we have described basic troubleshooting steps to rectify this problem quickly. If you can’t resolve this problem, visit Canon official website to get some accurate tips immediately.

Troubleshooting Methods to fix Canon Printer Error Code E04

A few easy steps are given below to resolve damaged contacts due to ink, dirt, dust, etc. 

  • Remove the ink cartridge from your printer.
  • Turn off your printer using tabs given on the body of the printer. Never switch off it from the plug.
  • Do a double-check of the ink cartridge label to confirm the right cartridge is installed for your printer
  • Wash the contacts available on the front of the cartridge using a kitchen tissue rather than a fibre tissue.
  • Switch on the printer by turning the power button.
  • Re-establish the ink cartridge confirming that is returned to the rear section of the printer.

Now you can carry on your printing with a Canon printer as it recognized ink cartridges. If still facing E04 error code in Canon printer, it means that ink cartridge is damaged or defective. The only way remaining to resolve this error in such a situation is that replace the ink cartridges with a new one manufactured by any third-party manufacturer or the original one. If you are experiencing this problem in several ink cartridges, it means that Canon printer contacts are being damaged due to dirt, oils, or ink. These contacts can be accessed by taking out ink cartridges from a Canon printer and wiping them with normal tissue. Never leave behind a piece of tissue while cleaning the Canon printer. If you can’t rectify this problem, visit the Canon official website to get some accurate tips appropriately. Canon experts are fully trained and talented to handle any issue related to the Canon printer. They respond instantly as soon as you call, email or chat with them. Canon support centre is opened round the clock to help you in removing Canon printer error E04.